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 2001-01-05-KWTN-Event> 09-Jan-01 23:09     2K  01-01-05-KWTN-Events
 2001-01-05-KWTN-News_> 09-Jan-01 22:42     3K  01-01-05-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-01-05-KWTN-While> 09-Jan-01 22:20     2K  01-01-05-KWTN-While Residents Cope With Water Restrictions, City Continues To Sell Tons To Cruise Ships
 2001-01-05-KWTN-Woman> 09-Jan-01 22:24     3K  01-01-05-KWTN-Woman With No Breasts Will Go On Trial For “Flashing” During Fest
 2001-01-12-KWTN-Event> 17-Jan-01 13:12     2K  01-01-12-KWTN-Events
 2001-01-12-KWTN-Its_R> 17-Jan-01 12:49     1K  01-01-12-KWTN-It’s Race Week In Paradise
 2001-01-12-KWTN-News_> 17-Jan-01 12:56     2K  01-01-12-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-01-12-KWTN-Waste> 17-Jan-01 12:53     4K  01-01-12-KWTN-Waste Management Employs Bully Boy To Collect Commercial Accounts
 2001-01-12-KWTN-Whist> 17-Jan-01 12:47     4K  01-12-12-KWTN-Whistleblower Alleges Drug Smuggling At Monroe County Jail
 2001-01-19-KWTN-Event> 24-Jan-01 19:53     3K  01-01-19-KWTN-Events
 2001-01-19-KWTN-Eyeso> 24-Jan-01 19:15     3K  01-01-19-KWTN-Eyesore Patrol: City Employees Walk Streets Looking For Violations
 2001-01-19-KWTN-News_> 24-Jan-01 19:28     2K  01-01-19-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-01-19-KWTN-Story> 24-Jan-01 19:20     3K  01-01-19-KWTN-The Story You Won’t Read In the Liberal Media
 2001-01-26-KWTN-Apolo> 31-Jan-01 12:16     4K  01-01-26-KWTN-Apologies Issued In Waste Management “Bully Boy” Incident
 2001-01-26-KWTN-Event> 31-Jan-01 12:42     3K  01-01-26-KWTN-Events
 2001-01-26-KWTN-News_> 31-Jan-01 12:23     2K  01-01-26-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-01-26-KWTN-Polic> 31-Jan-01 12:13     5K  01-01-26-KWTN-State Attorney: Police Selectively Enforced the Law During Fantasy Fest
 2001-01-26-KWTN-Yo_Ji> 31-Jan-01 12:20     2K  01-01-26-KWTN-Yo, Jimmy! Here’s An Eyesore!
 2001-02-02-KWTN-Code_> 02-Feb-01 02:56     7K  01-02-02-KWTN-Code Enforcement Director Catherine Harding Knowingly, Willingly Enforces Law Selectively
 2001-02-02-KWTN-Event> 02-Feb-01 03:19     5K  01-02-02-KWTN-Events
 2001-02-02-KWTN-Key_W> 02-Feb-01 03:01     5K  01-02-02-KWTN-Key West Real Estate: Buyer’s Market Dawning?
 2001-02-02-KWTN-New_A> 02-Feb-01 02:59     3K  01-02-02-KWTN-New Law Offers Amnesty To Many Illegal Foreign Workers Here
 2001-02-02-KWTN-News_> 02-Feb-01 03:04     3K  01-02-02-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-02-09-KWTN-Enfor> 13-Feb-01 18:30     7K  01-02-09-KWTN-One Of Harding’s Enforcers Resigned From KW Police Dept. To Avoid Criminal Charges
 2001-02-09-KWTN-Event> 13-Feb-01 19:36     3K  01-02-09-KWTN-Events
 2001-02-09-KWTN-Fish_> 13-Feb-01 18:25     4K  01-02-09-KWTN-Everglades Fish Farm Owned By Chairman Of SFWMD Drawing More Water Than Key West
 2001-02-09-KWTN-News_> 13-Feb-01 18:37     2K  01-02-09-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-02-09-KWTN-Prete> 13-Feb-01 18:36     5K  01-02-09-KWTN-Pretending To Care
 2001-02-16-KWTN-Cops_> 16-Feb-01 14:10     2K  01-02-16-KWTN-Cops Investigate Rash Of Auto Break-Ins
 2001-02-16-KWTN-News_> 16-Feb-01 14:19     3K  01-02-16-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-02-16-KWTN-Outra> 16-Feb-01 14:14     4K  01-02-16-KWTN-Cops Investigate Rash Of Auto Break-Ins
 2001-02-23-KWTN-3_KW_> 27-Feb-01 23:17     5K  01-02-23-KWTN-Three Key West Cops Will Go On Trial March 12 On Assault Charges
 2001-02-23-KWTN-Comme> 27-Feb-01 23:21     3K  01-01-23-KWTN-Commentary
 2001-02-23-KWTN-Event> 27-Feb-01 20:11     3K  01-01-23-KWTN-Events
 2001-02-23-KWTN-Navy_> 27-Feb-01 19:58     3K  01-01-23-KWTN-Navy “Leap Frogs” Will Parachute In Before Conch Baseball Game
 2001-02-23-KWTN-News_> 27-Feb-01 23:22     4K  01-01-23-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-03-02-KWTN-Critt> 03-Mar-01 14:53     2K  01-02-03-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2001-03-02-KWTN-Event> 03-Mar-01 16:52     4K  01-02-03-KWTN-Events
 2001-03-02-KWTN-Head_> 03-Mar-01 16:10     2K  01-02-03-KWTN-Head Of Birdwatcher Group Opposes Missile Site Location For Chicken Relocation
 2001-03-02-KWTN-Is_th> 03-Mar-01 16:06     6K  01-03-02-KWTN-Is the Fix In At the Planning Board?
 2001-03-02-KWTN-News_> 03-Mar-01 16:14     3K  01-02-03-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-03-02-KWTN-Offic> 03-Mar-01 16:01     4K  01-03-02-KWTN-High-Level Police Officer Reprimanded For Publicly Criticizing Fest Arrests
 2001-03-09-KWTN-City_> 12-Mar-01 22:57     7K  01-03-09-KWTN-City Allowing Many Transient Rental Landlords To Operate Without Occupational Licenses
 2001-03-09-KWTN-Event> 12-Mar-01 23:11     3K  01-03-09-KWTN-Events
 2001-03-09-KWTN-News_> 12-Mar-01 23:01     3K  01-03-09-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-03-09-KWTN-Towar> 12-Mar-01 22:54     7K  01-03-09-KWTN-Toward Diversity
 2001-03-09-KWTN-Zuelc> 12-Mar-01 22:52     2K  01-03-09-KWTN-Zuelch Now Part-Time Program Administrator With Sheriff’s Office
 2001-03-16-KWTN-Critt> 20-Mar-01 19:42     3K  01-03-16-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2001-03-16-KWTN-Event> 20-Mar-01 19:03     2K  01-03-16-KWTN-Events
 2001-03-16-KWTN-Marci> 20-Mar-01 21:08     3K  01-03-26-KWTN-Marcial Moving Forward With Huge Lawsuit Against Zuelch and Meyers
 2001-03-16-KWTN-News_> 20-Mar-01 21:19     1K  01-03-26-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-03-16-KWTN-Rolli> 20-Mar-01 21:11     2K  01-03-26-KWTN-Rolling the  Real Estate Dice On Sugarloaf Key
 2001-03-16-KWTN-Theat> 20-Mar-01 19:06     3K  01-03-16-KWTN-Theatre Festival Will Become a Summer Event
 2001-03-23-KWTN-Alleg> 13-Apr-01 23:22     6K  01-03-23-KWTN-Case  Of Alleged Beating Of Drag Queen Takes Bizarre Twist
 2001-03-23-KWTN-Critt> 10-Apr-01 20:01     3K  01-03-23-KWTN-Critters In Paradis
 2001-03-23-KWTN-News_> 13-Apr-01 23:22     2K  01-03-23-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-03-23-KWTN-The_C> 13-Apr-01 23:23     4K  01-03-23-KWTN-The Chicken Summit Meeting
 2001-03-23-KWTN-The_C> 13-Apr-01 23:23    10K  01-03-23-KWTN-The Chicken Wars
 2001-03-23-KWTN-The_S> 13-Apr-01 23:23    10K  01-03-23-KWTN-The Salt Ponds and “Managed Development”
 2001-03-30-KWTN-Event> 20-Apr-01 04:14     4K  01-03-30-KWTN-Events
 2001-03-30-KWTN-News_> 13-Apr-01 23:24     2K  01-03-30-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-03-30-KWTN-The_B> 13-Apr-01 23:25     8K  01-03-30-KWTN-The Blue Wall Of Silence At the KWPD
 2001-04-13-KWTN-City_> 13-Apr-01 23:10     1K  01-04-13-KWTN-City Code Enforcement Director Fired
 2001-04-13-KWTN-Flowe> 13-Apr-01 23:06    10K  01-04-13-KWTN-Flowers’ Fall From Grace In Police Dept. May Be Linked To Homophobia
 2001-04-13-KWTN-News_> 13-Apr-01 23:14     1K  01-04-13-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-04-20-KWTN-Chief> 20-Apr-01 02:56     3K  01-04-20-KWTN-Chief Dillon Clamps Down On Arrest Happy Police Department
 2001-04-20-KWTN-Did_A> 20-Apr-01 03:00     8K  01-04-20-KWTN-Did Avael Concoct Evidence Against Harding?
 2001-04-20-KWTN-Event> 26-Jul-01 14:21     5K  01-04-20-KWTN-Events
 2001-04-20-KWTN-News_> 20-Apr-01 03:15     1K  01-04-20-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-04-20-KWTN-Woman> 20-Apr-01 03:11     4K  01-04-20-KWTN-WomanKind
 2001-04-27-KWTN-Avael> 02-May-01 19:08     5K  01-04-27-KWTN-Avael Has History As a Hatchetman 
 2001-04-27-KWTN-Event> 26-Jul-01 14:21     6K  01-04-27-KWTN-Events
 2001-04-27-KWTN-FL_St> 02-May-01 19:04     3K  01-04-27-KWTN-State: Stephenson Not Qualified To Replace Harding As Head Of Building Department
 2001-04-27-KWTN-News_> 02-May-01 19:14     1K  01-04-27-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-04-27-KWTN-Repor> 02-May-01 19:10     4K  01-04-27-KWTN-Report From China
 2001-05-11-KWTN-Amnes> 23-May-01 13:00     2K  01-05-11-KWTN-“Amnesty” Window For Illegal Workers Closed; But Extension Likely
 2001-05-11-KWTN-Event> 26-Jul-01 14:22     2K  01-05-11-KWTN-Events
 2001-05-11-KWTN-News_> 23-May-01 13:01     2K  01-05-11-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-05-11-KWTN-State> 23-May-01 13:03     4K  01-05-11-KWTN-State Attorney Reviewing Allegation That Lt. Flowers Lied In Court
 2001-05-18-KWTN-Event> 26-Jul-01 14:22     3K  01-05-18-KWTN-Events
 2001-05-18-KWTN-Hardi> 23-May-01 13:07     4K  01-05-18-KWTN-Harding Cleared Of Allegations That She May Have Had Illegal Work Done At Her Home
 2001-05-18-KWTN-News_> 23-May-01 13:24     2K  01-05-18-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-05-18-KWTN-Stuar> 23-May-01 13:07     8K  01-05-18-KWTN-Stuart Case Signals Dawn of “New Day”
 2001-05-18-KWTN-Will_> 23-May-01 13:10     6K  01-05-18-KWTN-Will the “Bad Ol’ Days” Never End?
 2001-05-25-KWTN-Brade> 29-May-01 05:04     3K  o1-05-25-KWTN-High-Speed Bradenton-Key West Ferry Service Set To Start This Summer
 2001-05-25-KWTN-Jesus> 29-May-01 05:07     4K  o1-05-25-KWTN-Jesus Cepero, Where Are You?
 2001-05-25-KWTN-News_> 29-May-01 05:15     2K  o1-05-25-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-05-25-KWTN-Why_R> 29-May-01 05:10     3K  o1-05-25-KWTN-Why Rooster Rescue Won’t Be Involved In City’s Rooster Roundup
 2001-06-01-KWTN-Event> 26-Jul-01 14:22     3K  o1-06-01-KWTN-Events
 2001-06-01-KWTN-Hey_M> 18-Jun-01 14:59     8K  o1-06-01-KWTN-Hey, Mr. Mayor: Where’s the Welcome Mat?
 2001-06-01-KWTN-Inter> 18-Jun-01 15:01     7K  o1-06-01-KWTN-Internal Affairs Finds Perjury Allegations Against Flowers “Unfounded”— Without An Investigation
 2001-06-01-KWTN-News_> 18-Jun-01 15:02     2K  o1-06-01-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-06-08-KWTN-Event> 26-Jul-01 14:23     2K  01-06-08-KWTN-Events
 2001-06-08-KWTN-Inter> 18-Jun-01 17:19     9K  o1-05-18-KWTN-Internal Affairs Scandal: Dillon, Christensen Deny Wrongdoing In Perjury Case
 2001-06-08-KWTN-News_> 18-Jun-01 17:20    <1K  01-06-08-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-06-08-KWTN-Still> 18-Jun-01 17:20     7K  o1-05-18-KWTN-Still Lots Of Questions About BCCLT
 2001-06-08-KWTN-The_R> 18-Jun-01 17:20     5K  01-06-08-KWTN-The Rain Tax
 2001-06-15-KWTN-Anato> 18-Jun-01 17:22     4K  01-06-15-KWTN-Anatomy Of A Business Bust
 2001-06-15-KWTN-Did_A> 18-Jun-01 17:23     2K  01-06-15-KWTN-Did Avael Unwittingly “Rat” On Cepero?
 2001-06-15-KWTN-Event> 18-Jun-01 17:53     2K  01-06-15-KWTN-Events
 2001-06-15-KWTN-FDLE_> 18-Jun-01 17:23     5K  01-06-15-KWTN-FDLE Now Investigating Police Internal Affairs Scandal Here. Chief Dillon Given 45 Days To Respond To Coverup Allegations
 2001-06-15-KWTN-News_> 18-Jun-01 17:33     2K  01-06-15-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-06-22-KWTN-Event> 26-Jul-01 14:23     3K  01-06-22-KWTN-Events
 2001-06-22-KWTN-Give_> 29-Jun-01 00:36     5K  01-06-22-KWTN-Give the Whiners a Plane Ride Out Of Town
 2001-06-22-KWTN-Law_F> 29-Jun-01 00:37     4K  01-06-22-KWTN-Law Finally Catches Up With Notorious Bahama Village Drug Dealer
 2001-06-22-KWTN-News_> 29-Jun-01 00:38     3K  01-06-22-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-06-22-KWTN-What_> 29-Jun-01 00:40    16K  01-06-22-KWTN-What Will Police Chief Dillon Tell the FDLE?
 2001-06-29-KWTN-Hendr> 29-Jun-01 00:42    11K  01-06-29-KWTN-Hendrick’s Links To Big Sugar
 2001-06-29-KWTN-News_> 29-Jun-01 00:44     3K  01-06-29-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-06-29-KWTN-THE_A> 29-Jun-01 00:45    10K  01-06-29-KWTN-THE ARREST: DID DILLON LIE TO JUDGE?
 2001-07-06-KWTN-Anoth> 09-Jul-01 12:49     6K  01-07-06-KWTN-Another Bully Boy Cop Story
 2001-07-06-KWTN-Event> 09-Jul-01 20:28     2K  01-07-06-KWTN-Events
 2001-07-06-KWTN-News_> 09-Jul-01 20:37     2K  01-07-06-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-07-06-KWTN-THE_A> 09-Jul-01 20:30    12K  01-07-06-KWTN-THE ARREST: CHIEF DILLON GETS HIS ASS KICKED
 2001-07-13-KWTN-Count> 17-Jul-01 04:21     8K  01-07-13-KWTN-Controversial County Employee Finally Quits— After a Three-Month Paid Suspension
 2001-07-13-KWTN-Ignor> 17-Jul-01 04:21     6K  01-07-13-KWTN-Ignorance Of the Law
 2001-07-13-KWTN-News_> 17-Jul-01 04:31     2K  01-07-13-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-07-20-KWTN-Event> 26-Jul-01 14:14     3K  01-07-20-KWTN-Events
 2001-07-20-KWTN-Ex-KW> 22-Jul-01 12:42     9K  01-07-20-KWTN-Former KWPD Lieutenant On Chief Dillon: “He’s As Dumb As a Rock”
 2001-07-20-KWTN-News_> 22-Jul-01 12:54     1K  01-07-20-KWTN-News_Briefs
 2001-07-20-KWTN-What_> 22-Jul-01 12:43    11K  01-07-20-KWTN-What Chief Dillon Told the FDLE
 2001-07-27-KWTN-KWTN_> 29-Jul-01 17:57    11K  01-07-27-KWTN-KWTN May Go To FDLE Again
 2001-07-27-KWTN-News_> 29-Jul-01 17:56     2K  01-07-27-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-07-27-KWTN-Woman> 29-Jul-01 17:50     9K  01-07-27-KWTN-84-Year-Old Stock Island Woman Takes To Streets To Fight County Over Fence
 2001-08-03-KWTN-City_> 07-Aug-01 16:24     7K  01-08-03-KWTN-The City Manager’s Long Strange Trip With the Bogoeffs
 2001-08-03-KWTN-Event> 07-Aug-01 17:25     2K  01-08-03-KWTN-Events
 2001-08-03-KWTN-Illeg> 07-Aug-01 16:21     6K  01-08-03-KWTN-Illegal Rentals Being Advertised On the Web
 2001-08-03-KWTN-News_> 07-Aug-01 16:20     2K  01-08-03-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-08-03-KWTN-The_O> 07-Aug-01 16:20     9K  01-08-03-KWTN-The Other Side Of the Animal Shelter Story
 2001-08-03-KWTN-The_S> 07-Aug-01 16:20     9K  01-08-03-KWTN-The Shootout On Front Street
 2001-08-10-KWTN-Buz_A> 14-Aug-01 15:45    12K  01-08-10-KWTN-Buz Avoids Jail By Giving Up Document
 2001-08-10-KWTN-Event> 14-Aug-01 15:48     2K  01-08-10-KWTN-Events
 2001-08-10-KWTN-News_> 14-Aug-01 16:02     2K  01-08-10-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-08-10-KWTN-Night> 14-Aug-01 15:46    10K  01-08-10-KWTN-Nightmare On 18th St.
 2001-08-10-KWTN-The_B> 14-Aug-01 15:46     7K  01-08-10-KWTN-The BOCC’s Quiet Litte Vote
 2001-08-17-KWTN-Bethe> 27-Aug-01 14:31     4K  01-08-17-Bethel Sqelches Police Chief’s Lobbying Efforts To Get Five-Year Contract
 2001-08-17-KWTN-Event> 27-Aug-01 14:35     2K  01-08-17-Events
 2001-08-17-KWTN-News_> 27-Aug-01 14:47     2K  01-08-17-News Briefs
 2001-08-17-KWTN-Senat> 27-Aug-01 14:31     4K  01-08-17-Senator Jones May Have Some ‘Splaining To Do
 2001-08-17-KWTN-Some_> 27-Aug-01 14:32     5K  01-08-17-Some Veterans Here Critical Of VA Medical Care
 2001-08-24-KWTN-Even_> 29-Aug-01 14:39     8K  01-08-24-KWTN-Even the Dead Receive County Health Benefits
 2001-08-24-KWTN-Inves> 29-Aug-01 14:35     3K  01-08-24-KWTN-Investigators Quiz Avael, Stephenson About Cepero Confession
 2001-08-24-KWTN-News_> 29-Aug-01 14:43     2K  01-08-24-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-08-24-KWTN-Polic> 29-Aug-01 14:35     8K  01-08-24-KWTN-Police Stories
 2001-08-24-KWTN-Reloc> 29-Aug-01 14:36     2K  01-08-24-KWTN-Relocation Of Unwanted Chickens Continuing— Without Tax Dollars
 2001-08-31-KWTN-2_Cop> 05-Sep-01 21:04    10K  01-08-31-KWTN-Two Cops Allegedly Handcuffed Suspects— Then Peppersprayed and Punched Them
 2001-08-31-KWTN-Defib> 05-Sep-01 20:51     5K  01-08-31-KWTN-Defibrillators: An Interim Fix For a Fluttering Heart
 2001-08-31-KWTN-Event> 05-Sep-01 20:56     2K  01-08-31-KWTN-Events
 2001-08-31-KWTN-Liars> 05-Sep-01 20:52     8K  01-08-31-KWTN-Liars & Lying In The Cop Shop
 2001-08-31-KWTN-Manag> 05-Sep-01 20:53     2K  01-08-31-KWTN-Public Works Manager Nailed For Allegedly Selling Community Service Hours
 2001-08-31-KWTN-News_> 05-Sep-01 20:52     2K  01-08-31-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-09-07-KWTN-Buz_A> 19-Sep-01 11:53     5K  01-09-07-KWTN-Buz Admits That “Man With Gun” Story Was Bogus
 2001-09-07-KWTN-Dozen> 19-Sep-01 11:53     5K  01-09-07-KWTN-As Many As a Dozen Cops May Be Disciplined In Wake of Shootout and High-Speed Chase
 2001-09-07-KWTN-Event> 19-Sep-01 11:56     2K  01-09-07-KWTN-Events
 2001-09-07-KWTN-Money> 19-Sep-01 11:53     5K  01-09-07-KWTN-Money Market Is Favorable For Buying Property Or Refinancing Mortgages
 2001-09-07-KWTN-News_> 19-Sep-01 12:15     2K  01-09-07-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-09-07-KWTN-Sunse> 19-Sep-01 12:15     9K  01-09-07-KWTN-Sunset Celebration Sued
 2001-09-14-KWTN-Cat_S> 25-Sep-01 18:41     5K  01-09-14-KWTN-Cat Stories
 2001-09-14-KWTN-Cop_B> 25-Sep-01 18:42     4K  01-09-14-KWTN-Cop Blows Whistle On Dillon. Accuses Chief Of Condoning Perjury, Conspiracy
 2001-09-14-KWTN-Event> 25-Sep-01 18:46     2K  01-09-14-KWTN-Events
 2001-09-14-KWTN-Much-> 25-Sep-01 18:42     4K  01-09-14-KWTN-Much-Hyped Undercover Probe Was Fiasco
 2001-09-14-KWTN-Shoot> 25-Sep-01 18:42     4K  01-09-14-KWTN-Shootout Witness Says She Was Terrified; Questions Need For Cops’ Placing Bystanders In Danger
 2001-09-21-KWTN-Event> 28-Sep-01 14:34     2K  01-09-21-KWTN-Events
 2001-09-21-KWTN-Key_W> 04-Oct-01 18:34     9K  01-09-21-KWTN-Key Westers, Near WTC In New York, Saw Attack Happen
 2001-09-21-KWTN-News_> 28-Sep-01 15:08     3K  01-09-21-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-09-21-KWTN-Offic> 28-Sep-01 14:32     5K  01-09-21-KWTN-Undercover Officer Says She Repeatedly Saw Theft Happening In the T-Shirt Shops— But No Arrests For Theft Have Been Made 
 2001-09-28-KWTN-Alpha> 04-Oct-01 16:50     2K  01-09-28-KWTN-The Alpharetta Connection Revisited 
 2001-09-28-KWTN-Event> 04-Oct-01 17:12     2K  01-09-28-KWTN-Events
 2001-09-28-KWTN-News_> 04-Oct-01 18:47     1K  01-09-28-KWTN-News Briefs
 2001-09-28-KWTN-Shoot> 04-Oct-01 18:43     7K  01-09-28-KWTN-The Shootout: Buz Still Sez That Man In Truck Fired At Officers. But Cops Lost the Gun. No Shooting Charges Filed Against Suspect; But Cops Disciplined For Shooting At Him 
 2001-10-05-KWTN-Event> 16-Oct-01 19:44     2K  01-10-05-KWTN-Events
 2001-10-05-KWTN-News_> 16-Oct-01 19:54     2K  01-10-05-KWTN-The Solares Hill Interview: Is Buz Dillon A Public Relations Genius Or What?
 2001-10-05-KWTN-Shoot> 16-Oct-01 19:42     7K  01-10-05-KWTN-The Shootout— The Other Side Of  the Question: Did the Man In the Truck Have A Gun?
 2001-10-05-KWTN-Solar> 16-Oct-01 19:42     6K  01-10-05-KWTN-The Solares Hill Interview: Is Buz Dillon A Public Relations Genius Or What?
 2001-10-05-KWTN-Sourc> 16-Oct-01 19:42     2K  01-10-05-KWTN-Sources: Grand Jury Looking At Alleged Abuse, Conspiracy In the KWPD
 2001-11-30-KWTN-Cops_> 03-Dec-01 22:28     4K  01-11-30-KWTN-Cops Looking For Prowler With Cat-Killing Dogs
 2001-11-30-KWTN-Deale> 03-Dec-01 22:29    12K  01-11-30-KWTN-Two Years After Chief Says Drug Activity Has Been “Cleaned Out” Here, Dealers Continue To Work Openly In Bahama Village
 2001-11-30-KWTN-Event> 05-Dec-01 11:18     5K  01-11-30-KWTN-Events
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 2001-11-30-KWTN-Outre> 03-Dec-01 22:30     3K  01-11-30-KWTN-Outreach Coalition Gets Matching Grant From HUD
 2001-11-30-KWTN-What_> 03-Dec-01 22:30     5K  01-11-30-KWTN-What To Do If You See a Drug Deal Going Down
 2001-12-28-KWTN-Art_I> 14-Feb-02 13:22     3K  01-12-28-KWTN-Art In the Park
 2001-12-28-KWTN-Best_> 14-Feb-02 13:22     3K  01-12-28-KWTN-Best Bets: New Years Eve Music
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 2001-12-28-KWTN-Woman> 14-Feb-02 13:24     5K  01-12-28-KWTN-Woman Has Boyfriend Thrown In Jail; Then Recants Story. But Judge Won’t Let Him Go