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 2000-01-07-KWTN-Actio> 13-Jan-00 23:02     3K  00-01-07-KWTN-Actions At The Library
 2000-01-07-KWTN-City_> 13-Jan-00 23:03     7K  00-01-07-KWTN-City Commission Report: Running the Private Transport Companies Off the Road
 2000-01-07-KWTN-Event> 06-Jan-00 23:46     3K  00-01-07-KWTN-Events
 2000-01-07-KWTN-In_Wa> 13-Jan-00 23:03     4K  00-01-07-KWTN-In Wake Of Pais Firing, Soft Drink Vending Machines Banned In The Historic District
 2000-01-07-KWTN-News_> 13-Jan-00 23:03     3K  00-01-07-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-01-07-KWTN-The_C> 13-Jan-00 23:04     8K  00-01-07-KWTN-The “Clayton Incident”:What Did Avael Know and When Did He Know It?
 2000-01-07-KWTN-Trigg> 13-Jan-00 23:04     2K  00-01-07-KWTN-Trigger-Happy Drug Busters
 2000-01-14-KWTN-Event> 13-Jan-00 23:30     3K  00-01-14-KWTN-Events
 2000-01-14-KWTN-KWTN_> 13-Jan-00 22:51     5K  00-01-14-KWTN-KWTN Becomes Second Newspaper To Call For City Manager’s Ouster
 2000-01-14-KWTN-News_> 13-Jan-00 22:54     2K  00-01-14-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-01-14-KWTN-Poind> 13-Jan-00 22:43     4K  00-01-14-KWTN-Poindexter Blames Sheriff For Suicides At the Jail
 2000-01-14-KWTN-The_F> 13-Jan-00 22:54     4K  00-01-14-KWTN-The Firing Of Joe Pais: Repercussions Continue
 2000-01-14-KWTN-U_S_M> 13-Jan-00 22:46     2K  00-01-14-KWTN-U.S. Marshals Killed Simba
 2000-01-21-KWTN-Dog_S> 21-Jan-00 03:05     3K  00-01-21-KWTN-Dog Shooting: US Marshal May Have Been “Home Alone” With Simba
 2000-01-21-KWTN-Event> 21-Jan-00 03:57     7K  00-01-21-KWTN-Events
 2000-01-21-KWTN-Fiber> 21-Jan-00 03:02     4K  00-01-21-KWTN-Fiberoptics: It’s Only Money
 2000-01-21-KWTN-News_> 21-Jan-00 03:12     2K  00-01-21-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-01-21-KWTN-Ooste> 21-Jan-00 02:58     3K  00-01-21-KWTN-Oosterhoudt Wants To Know More About Avael’s “Stable” Of Consultants
 2000-01-21-KWTN-UPDAT> 21-Jan-00 03:10     4K  00-01-21-KWTN-UPDATE: THE PAIS FIRING
 2000-01-28-KWTN-Event> 02-Feb-00 09:19     4K  00-01-28-KWTN-Events
 2000-01-28-KWTN-Firem> 02-Feb-00 09:06    <1K  00-01-28-KWTN-Firemen: Clayton Tried To Bring Us “In Line”
 2000-01-28-KWTN-Forme> 02-Feb-00 09:34     3K  00-01-28-KWTN-Former Chief Court Reporter Likely To Be Reprimanded By Professional Association
 2000-01-28-KWTN-News_> 02-Feb-00 09:37     2K  00-01-28-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-01-28-KWTN-When_> 02-Feb-00 09:08    <1K  00-01-28-KWTN-When the System Doesn’t Work: Nick and Carrie Fight To Get Kids Back
 2000-02-04-KWTN-Avael> 07-Feb-00 13:37     4K  00-02-04-KWTN-Avael Spending $1 Million On “Consultants”
 2000-02-04-KWTN-More_> 07-Feb-00 13:59     3K  00-02-04-KWTN-More About Chickens
 2000-02-04-KWTN-Near-> 07-Feb-00 13:56     8K  00-02-04-KWTN-A Near-Hysterical Jimmy Weekley Uses Mayoral Pulpit To Attack The Press
 2000-02-04-KWTN-News_> 07-Feb-00 14:00     3K  00-02-04-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-02-04-KWTN-State> 07-Feb-00 13:34     7K  00-02-04-KWTN-State Continues To Stonewall On Return Of Nowatney Children
 2000-02-11-KWTN-Bud_N> 12-Feb-00 18:00     4K  00-02-11-KWTN-Bud Navero’s Valentine
 2000-02-11-KWTN-Event> 12-Feb-00 22:49     2K  00-02-11-KWTN-Events
 2000-02-11-KWTN-Ferna> 12-Feb-00 17:56     4K  00-02-11-KWTN-Fernandez: Key West Sewer Project Includes Controls To Prevent Fraud
 2000-02-11-KWTN-News_> 12-Feb-00 18:04     2K  00-02-11-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-02-11-KWTN-State> 12-Feb-00 18:02     7K  00-02-11-KWTN-State’s Refusal To Return Kids In Key West Mobilizes Small Town In Central Illinois
 2000-02-18-KWTN-City_> 17-Feb-00 22:54     6K  00-02-18-KWTN-The City Commission Runs Another Company Out Of Business
 2000-02-18-KWTN-Clayt> 17-Feb-00 22:49    17K  00-02-18-KWTN-Why the “Clayton Incident” Is Not About Clayton
 2000-02-18-KWTN-Critt> 18-Feb-00 00:50     5K  00-02-18-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-02-18-KWTN-Event> 18-Feb-00 00:28     2K  00-02-18-Events
 2000-02-18-KWTN-News_> 17-Feb-00 22:55     2K  00-02-18-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-02-18-KWTN-Nowat> 17-Feb-00 22:38     4K  00-02-18-KWTN-Nowatney Kids Now Safe At “Home”
 2000-02-18-KWTN-State> 17-Feb-00 22:35     3K  00-02-18-KWTN-Confirmed: State Attorney Investigating Court Reporter Double-Dipping Allegations
 2000-02-25-KWTN-AIDS_> 25-Feb-00 00:13     3K  00-02-25-KWTN-AIDS Help Worker Allegedly Traded Food Vouchers For Crack
 2000-02-25-KWTN-Are_C> 25-Feb-00 00:04     5K  00-02-25-KWTN-ARE THE CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES BREAKING DOWN
 2000-02-25-KWTN-Critt> 25-Feb-00 02:32     8K  00-02-25-Critters In Paradise
 2000-02-25-KWTN-Event> 25-Feb-00 01:12     2K  00-02-25-KWTN-Events
 2000-02-25-KWTN-If_Yo> 25-Feb-00 00:21     7K  00-02-25-KWTN-If Your Kid Threatens To Shoot Up a School, It’s Okay. The Cops Will Give Him a Ride Home
 2000-02-25-KWTN-News_> 25-Feb-00 00:27     3K  00-02-25-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-02-25-KWTN-Nowat> 24-Feb-00 23:55     7K  00-02-25-KWTN-Nowatney Says State Neglected His Baby In Foster Care
 2000-03-03-KWTN-Crime> 02-Mar-00 22:36     3K  00-03-03-KWTN-Crime Stoppers: Getting Paid For Turning In the Bad Guys
 2000-03-03-KWTN-Critt> 03-Mar-00 00:42     3K  00-03-03-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-03-03-KWTN-Event> 03-Mar-00 00:07     3K  00-03-03-KWTN-Events
 2000-03-03-KWTN-News_> 02-Mar-00 22:42     3K  00-03-03-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-03-03-KWTN-Pais_> 02-Mar-00 22:40     9K  00-03-03-KWTN-Pais Firing Update: Another Crack Appears In the Art & Historical Society’s Wall Of Silence
 2000-03-03-KWTN-Ruthe> 02-Mar-00 22:34     6K  00-03-03-KWTN-Famed Rutherford Institute Looking At Nowatney Case
 2000-03-10-KWTN-Critt> 10-Mar-00 12:57     7K  00-03-10-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-03-10-KWTN-Did_W> 09-Mar-00 20:39     6K  00-03-10-KWTN-Those Washington Meetings: Did Weekley and Turner Break Sunshine Law?
 2000-03-10-KWTN-Event> 10-Mar-00 12:04     2K  00-03-10-KWTN-Events
 2000-03-10-KWTN-Heres> 09-Mar-00 20:22     8K  00-03-10-KWTN-Here’s What Chief Dillon Really Told Lt. Daniels
 2000-03-10-KWTN-News_> 09-Mar-00 20:44     3K  00-03-10-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-03-10-KWTN-Nowat> 09-Mar-00 20:36     8K  00-03-10-KWTN-Top Expert: Nowatney Kids Suffered No Child Abuse
 2000-03-17-KWTN-Anoth> 16-Mar-00 21:46     6K  00-03-17-KWTN-Another Top Medical Expert: No Child Abuse 
 2000-03-17-KWTN-Arres> 16-Mar-00 21:48     2K  00-03-17-KWTN-Arrest Made In AIDS Help Food Voucher-For-Drugs Scam
 2000-03-17-KWTN-Buz_D> 16-Mar-00 21:50     7K  00-03-17-Buz Dillon & the Leak At the DCF
 2000-03-17-KWTN-Critt> 16-Mar-00 23:17     4K  00-03-17-Critters In Paradise
 2000-03-17-KWTN-Event> 16-Mar-00 22:19     3K  00-03-17-Events
 2000-03-17-KWTN-News_> 16-Mar-00 21:51     2K  00-03-17-News Briefs
 2000-03-24-KWTN-Critt> 23-Mar-00 23:09     4K  00-03-24-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-03-24-KWTN-Event> 23-Mar-00 22:52     3K  00-03-24-Events
 2000-03-24-KWTN-Miami> 23-Mar-00 21:44     3K  00-03-24-Miami Man Remains In Jail After Bahama Village Beating Incident
 2000-03-24-KWTN-News_> 23-Mar-00 21:55     2K  00-03-24-News Briefs
 2000-03-24-KWTN-Two_G> 23-Mar-00 21:49     5K  00-03-24-Two Groups Vie For Goombay Management
 2000-03-24-KWTN-Who_A> 23-Mar-00 21:54    12K  00-03-24-Who Are the Criminals In the Nowatney Case?
 2000-03-31-KWTN-Critt> 31-Mar-00 17:03     5K  00-03-31-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-03-31-KWTN-Event> 31-Mar-00 16:30     3K  00-03-31-KWTN-Events
 2000-03-31-KWTN-Incom> 31-Mar-00 16:07     7K  00-03-31-KWTN-Incoming Board At Art & Historical Society Should Rescind the Firing Of Joe Pais
 2000-03-31-KWTN-Innov> 31-Mar-00 16:08     3K  00-03-31-KWTN-Innovative Program Will Use Shakespeare To TryTo Head-Off In-School Violence Here
 2000-03-31-KWTN-News_> 31-Mar-00 16:08     4K  00-03-31-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-03-31-KWTN-On_Th> 31-Mar-00 16:09    14K  00-03-31-KWTN-On the Road With Dr. Gwen Hawtoff, the Boss At the Animal Shelter
 2000-03-31-KWTN-Salsa> 31-Mar-00 16:33     3K  00-03-31-KWTN-Salsa & Jazz Festival On Pigeon Key
 2000-04-07-KWTN-Commi> 07-Apr-00 10:53     7K  00-04-07-KWTN-Commissioners Pass Up Chance To Enact More Restrictions
 2000-04-07-KWTN-Critt> 07-Apr-00 12:03     4K  00-04-07-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-04-07-KWTN-Event> 07-Apr-00 11:23     3K  00-04-07-KWTN-Events
 2000-04-07-KWTN-KWHS_> 07-Apr-00 10:53     3K  00-04-07-KWTN-KWHS Boys Develop Web Site Depicting the Murder Of Another Student. No Charges Filed
 2000-04-07-KWTN-News_> 07-Apr-00 10:54     2K  00-04-07-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-04-07-KWTN-Nowat> 07-Apr-00 10:54    12K  00-04-07-KWTN-Nowatney Trial Resumes April 14
 2000-04-14-KWTN-Anoth> 14-Apr-00 00:22     4K  00-04-14-KWTN-Another KWAHS Board Member Speaks Out
 2000-04-14-KWTN-Count> 14-Apr-00 00:32     4K  00-04-14-KWTN-County Election Races Heating Up— Sort Of
 2000-04-14-KWTN-Critt> 14-Apr-00 03:06     5K  00-04-14-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-04-14-KWTN-Event> 14-Apr-00 02:38     4K  00-04-14-KWTN-Events
 2000-04-14-KWTN-Faile> 14-Apr-00 00:17     6K  00-04-14-KWTN-Failed Commission Candidate Threatens To Sue Island News, Celebrate, Oosterhoudt
 2000-04-14-KWTN-News_> 14-Apr-00 00:29     2K  00-04-14-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-04-14-KWTN-Nowat> 14-Apr-00 00:25     4K  00-04-14-KWTN-Nowatney Trial Continues Today
 2000-04-21-KWTN-After> 21-Apr-00 01:00     3K  00-04-21-KWTN-After Seven Months, Judge Jones Finally Has Audit Report
 2000-04-21-KWTN-Event> 21-Apr-00 02:33     2K  00-04-21-KWTN-Events
 2000-04-21-KWTN-How_F> 21-Apr-00 01:06     4K  00-04-21-KWTN-How Far Can They Push Former City Attorney Covan Before She Tells All?
 2000-04-21-KWTN-Local> 21-Apr-00 01:10     2K  00-04-21-KWTN-Local Lawyer Sued For Civil Theft
 2000-04-21-KWTN-News_> 21-Apr-00 01:12     3K  00-04-21-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-04-21-KWTN-Progr> 21-Apr-00 01:16     3K  00-04-21-KWTN-Outreach Program Lets Kids Discover the Reef
 2000-04-21-KWTN-The_W> 21-Apr-00 01:03     4K  00-04-21-KWTN-The Witness That the DCF Doesn’t Want To Testify
 2000-04-28-KWTN-Event> 28-Apr-00 04:50     7K  00-04-28-KWTN-Events
 2000-04-28-KWTN-Man_B> 27-Apr-00 23:06     4K  00-04-28-KWTN-Man Buys Bicycle At Police Auction. Then Rookie Cop “Steals” It
 2000-04-28-KWTN-Man_I> 27-Apr-00 23:15     2K  00-04-28-KWTN-Man In Jail After Kicking, Robbing Pregnant Woman
 2000-04-28-KWTN-Naked> 27-Apr-00 23:10     6K  00-04-28-KWTN-Naked In America
 2000-04-28-KWTN-News_> 27-Apr-00 23:16     2K  00-04-28-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-04-28-KWTN-The_F> 27-Apr-00 23:13     8K  00-04-28-KWTN-The Forced Taking Of Elian Must Have Been Orgasmic For the Baby Snatchers At the DCF
 2000-05-05-KWTN-DCF_W> 06-May-00 15:54     1K  00-05-05-KWTN-DCF Worker:  “Parents Should Threaten Children”
 2000-05-05-KWTN-Event> 06-May-00 17:44     5K  00-05-05-KWTN-Events
 2000-05-05-KWTN-Jones> 06-May-00 15:50    12K  00-05-05-KWTN-Chief Judge Jones Asked To Step Down In Nowatney Case. Parents: “We Can’t Get a Fair Trial”
 2000-05-05-KWTN-Man_T> 06-May-00 15:52     2K  00-05-05-KWTN-Man Tries To Drown Wife Off Smathers Beach
 2000-05-05-KWTN-News_> 06-May-00 15:54     3K  00-05-05-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-05-12-KWTN-Come_> 11-May-00 21:45    <1K  00-05-12-KWTN-Come Celebrate With the Nowatneys
 2000-05-12-KWTN-Critt> 12-May-00 13:56     6K  00-05-12-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-05-12-KWTN-Event> 12-May-00 13:36     2K  00-05-12-KWTN-Events
 2000-05-12-KWTN-Judge> 11-May-00 21:41    13K  00-05-12-KWTN-Judge Finally Throws Out Bogus Child Abuse Charges Against the Nowatneys!
 2000-05-12-KWTN-Mandi> 11-May-00 22:06     2K  00-05-12-KWTN-Mandina: Sheriff’s Spending Out Of Control
 2000-05-12-KWTN-Maste> 11-May-00 22:09     2K  00-05-12-KWTN-Master Chef Dinner Set For Wednesday
 2000-05-12-KWTN-News_> 11-May-00 22:07     2K  00-05-12-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-05-19-KWTN-Critt> 19-May-00 02:35     4K  00-05-19-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-05-19-KWTN-Event> 19-May-00 00:20     3K  00-05-19-KWTN-Events
 2000-05-19-KWTN-News_> 18-May-00 20:41     2K  00-05-19-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-05-19-KWTN-Nowat> 18-May-00 22:26    10K  00-05-19-KWTN-Nowatney Case Residue: Will State Attorney Zuelch Now Go After Judge Jones?
 2000-05-19-KWTN-Speci> 18-May-00 22:11     5K  00-05-19-KWTN-Special Prosecutor Again Rules That Bug Board Commissioners Didn’t Violate Sunshine Law
 2000-05-19-KWTN-Who_W> 18-May-00 22:15     4K  00-05-19-KWTN-Who Will Be Watching the Police Officers?
 2000-05-26-KWTN-Event> 26-May-00 03:08     4K  00-05-26-KWTN-Events
 2000-05-26-KWTN-Local> 25-May-00 22:48     3K  00-05-26-KWTN-Local Coalition Planned To Reduce Drugs and Violence Here
 2000-05-26-KWTN-Noise> 25-May-00 22:51     7K  00-05-26-KWTN-Noise About Noise
 2000-05-26-KWTN-The_N> 25-May-00 23:03     5K  00-05-26-KWTN-The Nowatney Scandal: Zuelch Scrambles To Control Damage
 2000-06-02-KWTN-A_Let> 01-Jun-00 23:05    11K  00-06-02-KWTN-A Letter From Carrie Nowatney
 2000-06-02-KWTN-Art_&> 01-Jun-00 23:03     5K  00-06-02-KWTN-Art & Historical Society Director Resigns
 2000-06-02-KWTN-Critt> 02-Jun-00 01:16     5K  00-06-02-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-06-02-KWTN-Event> 02-Jun-00 01:03     5K  00-06-02-KWTN-Events
 2000-06-02-KWTN-Kolha> 01-Jun-00 22:46     4K  00-06-02-KWTN-Kolhage Hopes To  Make Court Reporter Double-Dipping Audit Public This Month
 2000-06-02-KWTN-News_> 01-Jun-00 23:11     2K  00-06-02-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-06-09-KWTN-Commi> 10-Jun-00 16:11     6K  00-06-09-KWTN-City Commission Report: Stealing Stock Island
 2000-06-09-KWTN-Divor> 10-Jun-00 16:14     5K  00-06-09-KWTN-Divorced Mother Of Three Won’t Plead Guilty To Child Abuse. Zuelch Will Put Her On Trial
 2000-06-09-KWTN-Event> 13-Jun-00 08:55     5K  00-06-09-KWTN-Events
 2000-06-09-KWTN-Micha> 10-Jun-00 16:19     2K  00-06-09-KWTN-Michael McCloud Commissioned To Write Song To Promote the World World II Memorial
 2000-06-09-KWTN-News_> 10-Jun-00 16:21     2K  00-06-09-KWTN-News_Briefs
 2000-06-09-KWTN-Someo> 10-Jun-00 16:03     5K  00-06-09-KWTN-Someone’s Killing Cats On Caroline Street
 2000-06-16-KWTN-Carri> 16-Jun-00 02:10    12K  00-06-16-KWTN-Carrie Nowatney: Picking Up the Pieces
 2000-06-16-KWTN-Critt> 16-Jun-00 01:17     8K  00-06-16-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-06-16-KWTN-Event> 16-Jun-00 02:37     5K  00-06-16-KWTN-Events
 2000-06-16-KWTN-News_> 16-Jun-00 02:12     2K  00-06-16-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-06-16-KWTN-Repor> 16-Jun-00 01:49     4K  00-06-16-KWTN-Report Surfaces Again That Sheriff Took Money From Drug Smuggler
 2000-06-23-KWTN-Court> 22-Jun-00 22:54     6K  00-06-23-KWTN-Court Audit Reveals Miasma Of Confusion And Ineptness
 2000-06-23-KWTN-Critt> 23-Jun-00 01:32     6K  00-06-23-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-06-23-KWTN-Event> 23-Jun-00 01:36     3K  00-06-23-KWTN-Events
 2000-06-23-KWTN-Jimmy> 22-Jun-00 23:01     9K  00-06-23-KWTN-Jimmy Weekley Has Another Conniption Fit
 2000-06-23-KWTN-News_> 22-Jun-00 23:10     2K  00-06-23-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-06-23-KWTN-Twent> 22-Jun-00 23:10     4K  00-06-23-KWTN-Twenty More Years Of Roadwork?
 2000-06-23-KWTN-Zuelc> 22-Jun-00 23:07    14K  00-06-23-KWTN-Zuelch Wants To “Open Up” Nowatney Case
 2000-06-30-KWTN-Avael> 30-Jun-00 10:22     8K  00-06-30-KWTN-Avael Doublespeak Revealed In New Police Department Scandal
 2000-06-30-KWTN-Critt> 30-Jun-00 14:40     6K  00-06-30-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-06-30-KWTN-Event> 30-Jun-00 11:54     4K  00-06-30-KWTN-Events
 2000-06-30-KWTN-News_> 30-Jun-00 10:24     3K  00-06-30-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-06-30-KWTN-Takin> 30-Jun-00 10:19     5K  00-06-30-KWTN-Taking On The Census Taker
 2000-06-30-KWTN-Yacht> 30-Jun-00 10:16     7K  00-06-30-KWTN-Yacht Club Fined $4000 For Dragging Feet On Septic Tank Replacement
 2000-07-07-KWTN-Clubs> 06-Jul-00 23:34     4K  00-07-07-KWTN-Clubs May Be Taxed To Finance Fun Police
 2000-07-07-KWTN-Event> 07-Jul-00 00:29     3K  00-07-07-KWTN-Events
 2000-07-07-KWTN-KW_Gi> 06-Jul-00 23:22     3K  00-07-07-KWTN-KW Girls Win the Gold!
 2000-07-07-KWTN-News_> 06-Jul-00 23:36     3K  00-07-07-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-07-07-KWTN-Nowat> 06-Jul-00 23:32    10K  00-07-07-KWTN-Nowatney Case: Judge’s Ruling To Unseal Record Will Allow Inside Story To Emerge
 2000-07-07-KWTN-Your_> 06-Jul-00 23:25     7K  00-07-07-KWTN-Your County Govt. In Action
 2000-07-14-KWTN-Avael> 14-Jul-00 04:48     6K  00-07-14-KWTN-Avael Declares War On Chickens
 2000-07-14-KWTN-Event> 14-Jul-00 05:34     4K  00-07-14-KWTN-Events
 2000-07-14-KWTN-News_> 14-Jul-00 04:52     2K  00-07-14-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-07-14-KWTN-One_W> 14-Jul-00 02:12    <1K  00-07-14-KWTN-With One Week To Go Before Deadline To Run, County Races Start To Firm Up
 2000-07-14-KWTN-State> 14-Jul-00 04:46     8K  00-07-14-KWTN-State Baby-Snatching May Have Psychologically Damaged Nowatney Kids
 2000-07-21-KWTN-Bumps> 21-Jul-00 13:02     5K  00-07-21-KWTN-Bumps, Humps And Other Vital Decisions
 2000-07-21-KWTN-Critt> 21-Jul-00 14:08     6K  00-07-07-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-07-21-KWTN-Event> 21-Jul-00 13:34     2K  00-07-21-KWTN-Events
 2000-07-21-KWTN-If_A_> 21-Jul-00 13:09     3K  00-07-21-KWTN-If a Hurricane Blows, CES Officials Say They’re Ready
 2000-07-21-KWTN-News_> 21-Jul-00 13:09     2K  00-07-21-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-07-21-KWTN-State> 21-Jul-00 12:59     3K  00-07-21-KWTN-State Attorney Challenger Sees Muddy Campaign
 2000-07-21-KWTN-Zuelc> 21-Jul-00 13:04     9K  00-07-21-KWTN-Zuelch Again Limps To Court Without A Case
 2000-07-28-KWTN-Critt> 28-Jul-00 23:23     7K  00-07-28-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-07-28-KWTN-Doubl> 28-Jul-00 21:46     4K  00-07-28-KWTN-Double-Dipping Scandal Update
 2000-07-28-KWTN-Event> 28-Jul-00 23:10     3K  00-07-28-KWTN-Events
 2000-07-28-KWTN-Judge> 28-Jul-00 21:41     7K  00-07-28-KWTN-Judge Jones Stops Lloyd Trial; Recuses Himself
 2000-07-28-KWTN-News_> 28-Jul-00 21:48     4K  00-07-28-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-07-28-KWTN-Zuelc> 28-Jul-00 21:44     4K  00-07-28-KWTN-Zuelch Won’t Investigate Sheriff Roth
 2000-08-04-KWTN-Critt> 04-Aug-00 13:45     6K  00-08-04-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-08-04-KWTN-Event> 04-Aug-00 13:32     2K  00-08-04-KWTN-Events
 2000-08-04-KWTN-News_> 04-Aug-00 12:57     2K  00-08-04-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-08-04-KWTN-Sun_H> 04-Aug-00 12:56     4K  00-08-04-KWTN-“Sun” Houses Will Provide Transitional Assistance For Homeless Women, Children
 2000-08-04-KWTN-Templ> 04-Aug-00 12:50     4K  00-08-04-KWTN-Temple Of the Lost Chickens?
 2000-08-04-KWTN-The_F> 04-Aug-00 12:53     8K  00-08-04-KWTN-The Failed Plot To Kill Caribe Soul
 2000-08-04-KWTN-Three> 04-Aug-00 12:47     5K  00-08-04-KWTN-Three Key West Cops Will Go On Trial Aug. 28 On Assault Charges
 2000-08-11-KWTN-Carib> 11-Aug-00 01:50     6K  00-08-11-KWTN-The Caribe Soul Case: A Circus of Lawyers
 2000-08-11-KWTN-Event> 11-Aug-00 02:25     2K  00-08-11-KWTN-Events
 2000-08-11-KWTN-News_> 11-Aug-00 01:51     3K  00-08-11-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-08-11-KWTN-Soren> 11-Aug-00 01:46     6K  00-08-11-KWTN-Rep. Sorensen To DCF: Fire Those Responsible For Nowatney Debacle, Apologize, Pay Parents!
 2000-08-18-KWTN-City_> 18-Aug-00 12:09     5K  00-08-18-KWTN-City Commissioners Continue To Enact Laws That Are UnlikelyTo Be Enforced
 2000-08-18-KWTN-Critt> 18-Aug-00 16:44     6K  00-08-18-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-08-18-KWTN-Deja_> 18-Aug-00 12:11     8K  00-08-18-KWTN-Deja Vu One More Time
 2000-08-18-KWTN-Event> 18-Aug-00 16:26     2K  00-08-18-KWTN-Events
 2000-08-18-KWTN-Marga> 18-Aug-00 12:17     4K  00-08-18-KWTN-Margalli: New Politics vs. Old
 2000-08-18-KWTN-News_> 18-Aug-00 12:19     2K  00-08-18-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-08-18-KWTN-The_T> 18-Aug-00 12:15     5K  00-08-18-KWTN-The Trial Of Manuel Marcial: State Attorney’s Witnesses Wilt Under Fire
 2000-08-25-KWTN-Event> 24-Aug-00 18:30     2K  00-08-25-KWTN-Events
 2000-08-25-KWTN-Marci> 24-Aug-00 16:20    10K  00-08-25-KWTN-Marcial Trial: Jury Takes Only 35 Minutes To Return “Not Guilty” Verdict. Marcial: “Now We’ll Sue For Millions!”
 2000-08-25-KWTN-News_> 24-Aug-00 16:26     3K  00-08-25-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-08-25-KWTN-The_D> 24-Aug-00 16:24    17K  00-08-25-KWTN-The Day The Big One Hit Key West
 2000-09-01-KWTN-Critt> 02-Sep-00 17:48     5K  KWTN-00-09-01-Critters In Paradise
 2000-09-01-KWTN-Dear_> 02-Sep-00 16:00     4K  00-09-01-KWTN-Dear Mr. Zuelch
 2000-09-01-KWTN-Event> 02-Sep-00 17:38     3K  00-09-01-KWTN-Events
 2000-09-01-KWTN-Labor> 02-Sep-00 15:58     3K  00-09-01-KWTN-Labor Day Weekend In Paradise Features Two Big Picnic-Parties
 2000-09-01-KWTN-News_> 02-Sep-00 16:07     3K  00-09-01-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-09-01-KWTN-Restr> 02-Sep-00 16:07     4K  00-09-01-KWTN-Not Everyone Agrees With the Restructuring Of the Hotel/Motel Association
 2000-09-01-KWTN-Somet> 02-Sep-00 16:04     5K  00-09-01-KWTN-Something Funny’s Going On In The Republican Primary Election
 2000-09-08-KWTN-Lloyd> 10-Sep-00 23:21     6K  00-09-08-KWTN-Lloyd Case: DCF Admits That Abuse Allegations Concerning Two Younger Children Were Unfounded
 2000-09-08-KWTN-News_> 10-Sep-00 23:36     2K  00-09-08-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-09-08-KWTN-Postm> 10-Sep-00 23:35    11K  00-09-08-KWTN-Postmortem: All Is Fair In Love, War & Politics
 2000-09-08-KWTN-Trans> 10-Sep-00 23:27     3K  00-09-08-KWTN-The Ruling On Transient Rentals: What Does It Mean?
 2000-09-15-KWTN-Bulle> 18-Sep-00 03:06     2K  00-09-15-KWTN-Bullet-Proof Vests For Police Dogs?
 2000-09-15-KWTN-Did_H> 18-Sep-00 03:08     2K  00-09-15-KWTN-Did Horan Break Campaign Financing Law?
 2000-09-15-KWTN-Event> 18-Sep-00 03:00     5K  00-09-15-KWTN-Events
 2000-09-15-KWTN-Lloyd> 18-Sep-00 03:04     6K  00-09-15-KWTN-Lloyd Case: Foster Parents Dump Kid. DCF Flip-Flops, Allows Boy To Return Home
 2000-09-15-KWTN-News_> 18-Sep-00 03:09     2K  00-09-15-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-09-22-KWTN-Baby_> 23-Sep-00 13:12     4K  00-09-22-KWTN-Baby Whale Still Needs Help
 2000-09-22-KWTN-Biker> 23-Sep-00 13:05     2K  00-09-22-KWTN-Biker Evades Cops After 130-mph Chase On US 1
 2000-09-22-KWTN-Critt> 23-Sep-00 14:07     5K  00-09-22-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-09-22-KWTN-Event> 23-Sep-00 13:50     3K  00-09-22-KWTN-Events
 2000-09-22-KWTN-ManAr> 23-Sep-00 13:06     2K  00-09-22-KWTN-Man Arrested After Choking On Cocaine Bags
 2000-09-22-KWTN-News_> 23-Sep-00 13:13     2K  00-09-22-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-09-22-KWTN-The_C> 23-Sep-00 13:10     6K  00-09-22-KWTN-The Case Of the September Surprise: Horan Denies Wrongdoing; Judges Mum
 2000-09-29-KWTN-Citys> 05-Oct-00 04:45     3K  00-09-29-KWTN-City’s Dumping Of Derelict Cars On Stock Island On Hold— But Not For Long
 2000-09-29-KWTN-Key_W> 05-Oct-00 04:48     2K  00-09-29-KWTN-Key West Goes To The Olympics
 2000-09-29-KWTN-KWTN_> 05-Oct-00 04:53     2K  00-09-29-KWTN-KWTN Will Serialize New Book On Environmental Terrorism In the Keys
 2000-09-29-KWTN-McCoy> 05-Oct-00 04:51     5K  00-09-29-KWTN-McCoy Is KWTN’s Pick For County Commish In Republican Runoff On Tuesday
 2000-09-29-KWTN-News_> 05-Oct-00 04:54     3K  00-09-29-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-10-06-KWTN-Alter> 10-Oct-00 01:20     3K  KWTN-00-10-06-Alternate Side Parking Plan Will Be Tested To Facilitate More Effective Street Sweeping
 2000-10-06-KWTN-Elect> 10-Oct-00 01:09     2K  KWTN-00-10-06-Elections Commission Will Not Investigate Horan’s September Surprise Ad
 2000-10-06-KWTN-Event> 09-Oct-00 22:27     5K  KWTN-00-10-06-Events
 2000-10-06-KWTN-News_> 10-Oct-00 01:29     1K  KWTN-00-10-06-News Briefs
 2000-10-06-KWTN-Zuelc> 10-Oct-00 01:23     7K  KWTN-00-10-06-Zuelch Whipped Again. DCF Drops All Charges In Pat Lloyd Case
 2000-10-13-KWTN-Critt> 16-Oct-00 02:56     2K  KWTN-00-10-13-Critters In Paradise
 2000-10-13-KWTN-Event> 16-Oct-00 02:44     3K  KWTN-00-10-13-Events
 2000-10-13-KWTN-News_> 16-Oct-00 01:51     3K  KWTN-00-10-13-News Briefs
 2000-10-13-KWTN-Plans> 16-Oct-00 01:30     3K  KWTN-00-10-13-Plans Moving Forward To Build 175-Foot Tower In Old Town
 2000-10-13-KWTN-Speci> 16-Oct-00 01:34     5K  KWTN-00-10-13-Special Report From the Front: The City’s War On Gypsy Chickens
 2000-10-13-KWTN-The_B> 16-Oct-00 01:37     4K  KWTN-00-10-13-The Buquebus Collapse: We Told You So
 2000-10-20-KWTN-Dixie> 24-Oct-00 00:52     4K  KWTN-00-10-20-Dixie: Daring To Challenge Wilhelmina
 2000-10-20-KWTN-Event> 24-Oct-00 00:14     2K  KWTN-00-10-20-Events
 2000-10-20-KWTN-News_> 24-Oct-00 01:06     2K  KWTN-00-10-20-News Briefs
 2000-10-20-KWTN-Stuar> 24-Oct-00 00:50     4K  KWTN-00-10-20-Stuart Sues Canvassing Board, McCoy. Freeman May Have Broken Law
 2000-10-20-KWTN-Will_> 24-Oct-00 00:59     7K  KWTN-00-10-20-Will Ron Herron’s Link To Secret Meetings Sink His Bid To Become State Rep?
 2000-11-03-KWTN-Endor> 03-Nov-00 00:40    17K  00-11-03-KWTN-Endorsements
 2000-11-03-KWTN-Event> 03-Nov-00 01:50     4K  00-11-03-KWTN-Events
 2000-11-03-KWTN-News_> 03-Nov-00 00:43     1K  00-11-03-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-11-03-KWTN-Shirl> 03-Nov-00 00:32     3K  00-11-03-KWTN-Shirley Resigns From Canvassing Board After Allegations; Plots With Wilhelmina To Rush Stuart Reappointment
 2000-11-10-KWTN-Bye_B> 10-Nov-00 10:57    11K  00-11-10-KWTN-Bye Bye, Babysnatcher!
 2000-11-10-KWTN-Event> 10-Nov-00 11:25     5K  00-11-10-KWTN-Events
 2000-11-10-KWTN-News_> 10-Nov-00 11:03     3K  00-11-10-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-11-10-KWTN-The_P> 10-Nov-00 10:52     4K  00-11-10-KWTN-The Peddlers License: City Commission Continues To Gouge Small Entrepreneurs
 2000-11-10-KWTN-Waiti> 10-Nov-00 10:46     3K  00-11-10-KWTN-Waiting For a Bus In Key West? Better Pack a Lunch
 2000-11-17-KWTN-Critt> 17-Nov-00 02:19     8K  00-11-17-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-11-17-KWTN-Event> 17-Nov-00 02:08     3K  00-11-17-KWTN-Events
 2000-11-17-KWTN-In_th> 17-Nov-00 01:49     8K  00-11-17-KWTN-In the Midst Of Election Scandals Across The State, Monroe County Is Looking Good!
 2000-11-17-KWTN-News_> 17-Nov-00 01:54     3K  00-11-17-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-11-17-KWTN-Ooste> 17-Nov-00 01:46     5K  00-11-17-KWTN-Oosterhoudt Critical Of Cops For Too-Aggressive Enforcement Of Mammary Misdemeanor Law At Fest
 2000-11-24-KWTN-City_> 24-Nov-00 12:35     5K  00-11-24-KWTN-City Asked To Explain  No-Warning Arrest Of  52-Year-Old Grandmother For Flashing
 2000-11-24-KWTN-Event> 24-Nov-00 12:20     3K  00-11-24-KWTN-Events
 2000-11-24-KWTN-News_> 24-Nov-00 12:44     3K  00-11-24-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-11-24-KWTN-The_G> 24-Nov-00 12:38     4K  00-11-24-KWTN-The “Good Intentions” Of Our City Government
 2000-11-24-KWTN-Voter> 24-Nov-00 12:40     5K  00-11-24-KWTN-Voters Here Soundly Reject Idea That They Should Give Up Right To Elect Judges
 2000-12-01-KWTN-Count> 01-Dec-00 12:18     3K  00-12-01-KWTN-Counting Of 11 Military Ballots Draws a Crowd
 2000-12-01-KWTN-Critt> 01-Dec-00 12:39     5K  00-12-01-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-12-01-KWTN-Event> 01-Dec-00 12:45     4K  00-12-01-KWTN-Events
 2000-12-01-KWTN-News_> 01-Dec-00 12:24     3K  00-12-01-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-12-01-KWTN-Stuar> 01-Dec-00 12:16     3K  00-12-01-KWTN-Sullins Stuart Continues  To Contest County Commission Election
 2000-12-01-KWTN-Zuelc> 01-Dec-00 12:21     4K  00-12-01-KWTN-Marcial’s Attorney: Zuelch’s Ouster By Voters Won’t Protect Him From Malicious Prosecution Suit
 2000-12-08-KWTN-Critt> 11-Dec-00 20:05     3K  00-12-08-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-12-08-KWTN-Event> 07-Dec-00 23:56     4K  00-12-09-KWTN-Events
 2000-12-08-KWTN-Local> 08-Dec-00 00:22     4K  00-12-09-KWTN-Local Shop Sells “Good Bugs” To Eat the “Bad Bugs” In Your Garden
 2000-12-08-KWTN-New_K> 08-Dec-00 00:18     4K  00-12-09-KWTN-New KWPD Policy? Oral Sex In Public May Be Okay As Long As Your Painted Breasts Don’t Show
 2000-12-08-KWTN-News_> 08-Dec-00 00:55     2K  00-12-09-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-12-08-KWTN-Shoul> 08-Dec-00 00:25     4K  00-12-09-KWTN-Should the Southernmost Point Be Moved?
 2000-12-15-KWTN-Are_C> 15-Dec-00 13:03     9K  00-12-15-KWTN-Are Cops Arrest-Happy? More No-Warning Busts On the Beach
 2000-12-15-KWTN-Critt> 15-Dec-00 14:40     6K  00-12-15-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 2000-12-15-KWTN-Event> 15-Dec-00 15:15     3K  00-12-15-KWTN-Events
 2000-12-15-KWTN-News_> 15-Dec-00 13:07     2K  00-12-15-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-12-22-KWTN-A_Key> 26-Dec-00 22:54     8K  00-12-22-KWTN-A Key West Yuletide Tale: Christmas Eve At the Iron City Saloon
 2000-12-22-KWTN-City_> 26-Dec-00 22:58     3K  00-12-22-KWTN-City Will Save Millions By Dumping the “Ride” in “Park & Ride”
 2000-12-22-KWTN-Event> 26-Dec-00 23:19    <1K  00-12-22-KWTN-Events
 2000-12-22-KWTN-Job-F> 26-Dec-00 23:02    19K  00-12-22-KWTN-Job-Fix Scandal At Bug Board Finally Over
 2000-12-22-KWTN-News_> 26-Dec-00 23:04     2K  00-12-22-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-12-29-KWTN-Cops_> 02-Jan-01 23:45     3K  00-12-29-KWTN-Cops Cracking Down On New Years Eve Gun-Shooters. Cash Rewards Being Offered
 2000-12-29-KWTN-Event> 02-Jan-01 23:16     2K  00-12-29-KWTN-Events
 2000-12-29-KWTN-News_> 02-Jan-01 23:58     2K  00-12-29-KWTN-News Briefs
 2000-12-29-KWTN-Story> 02-Jan-01 23:50    12K  00-12-29-KWTN-Story Of the Year: The Fall Of Kirk Zuelch
 2000-12-29-KWTN-The_W> 02-Jan-01 23:54    15K  00-12-29-KWTN-The Willing Seller - Chapter 12