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 1999-10-22-KWTN-Bud_N> 26-Nov-99 13:52     5K  99-10-22-KWTN-Bud Navero’s Adventure In A Hurricane Shelter
 1999-10-22-KWTN-Hendr> 26-Nov-99 13:52     4K  99-10-22-KWTN-Hendrick Wants Homeless Off Higgs Beach 
 1999-10-22-KWTN-News_> 26-Nov-99 13:51     3K  99-10-22-KWTN-News Briefs
 1999-10-22-KWTN-Tuesd> 26-Nov-99 13:51     6K  99-10-22-KWTN-Tuesday’s Headdress Ball May Become Victim Of Duval Street Noise War 
 1999-10-29-KWTN-Critt> 26-Nov-99 13:51     5K  99-10-29-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 1999-10-29-KWTN-Distr> 26-Nov-99 13:51     4K  99-10-29-KWTN-District 1 Candidates Explain Positions On Noise And Parking
 1999-10-29-KWTN-Harry> 26-Nov-99 13:48     3K  99-10-29-KWTN-Harry Sawyer:“I Didn’t Say It!”
 1999-10-29-KWTN-KWTN_> 26-Nov-99 13:48    12K  99-10-29-KWTN-KWTN Picks Oosterhoudt
 1999-10-29-KWTN-News_> 26-Nov-99 13:50     3K  99-10-29-KWTN-News Briefs
 1999-10-29-KWTN-Sally> 26-Nov-99 13:50     1K  99-10-29-KWTN-Sally Lewis Protests Use Of Her Name In Ingram Ad
 1999-10-29-KWTN-Taxi_> 26-Nov-99 13:49     2K  99-10-29-KWTN-Taxi Driver Helps Cops Catch Reckless Driver
 1999-11-05-KWTN-Close> 04-Nov-99 21:59     2K  99-11-05-KWTN-Closed Commission Meeting Makes Truman Annex Residents Nervous
 1999-11-05-KWTN-Code_> 04-Nov-99 21:44     2K  99-11-5-KWTN-Code Enforcement Busts Mo’s Fantasy Facade
 1999-11-05-KWTN-Critt> 05-Nov-99 01:58     6K  99-11-05-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 1999-11-05-KWTN-Divin> 04-Nov-99 22:07     4K  99-11-05-KWTN-Diving For Treasure:The Search; The Discovery
 1999-11-05-KWTN-Float> 04-Nov-99 21:57     3K  99-11-05-KWTN-Float Builders Protest Fest Censorship
 1999-11-05-KWTN-Here_> 04-Nov-99 21:49     4K  99-11-05-KWTN-Here Comes Election 2000!
 1999-11-05-KWTN-News_> 04-Nov-99 22:02     4K  99-11-05-KWTN-News Briefs
 1999-11-05-KWTN-The_E> 26-Nov-99 22:02    12K  99-11-05-KWTN-The Election: What Went Wrong For Ingram
 1999-11-12-KWTN-Anti-> 11-Nov-99 22:46     2K  99-11-12-KWTN-Anti-NOAA Activist Gravely Ill
 1999-11-12-KWTN-City_> 11-Nov-99 22:18     4K  99-11-12-KWTN-City Commission May Reverse Itself Again On Transient Rental Ban
 1999-11-12-KWTN-Commi> 11-Nov-99 22:23     6K  99-11-12-KWTN-Commisioners Address Noise - Sort Of
 1999-11-12-KWTN-Cowar> 11-Nov-99 22:00    <1K  99-11-12-KWTN-Cowardice In the State Attorney’s Office
 1999-11-12-KWTN-Cowar> 11-Nov-99 22:27    12K  99-11-12-KWTN-Cowardice In the State Attorney’s Office
 1999-11-12-KWTN-Critt> 12-Nov-99 19:30     4K  99-11-12-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 1999-11-12-KWTN-News_> 26-Nov-99 21:59     3K  99-11-12-KWTN-News Briefs
 1999-11-12-KWTN-Polic> 11-Nov-99 22:42     3K  99-11-12-KWTN-Police Cavalry Up and Galloping
 1999-11-19-Island_New> 26-Nov-99 14:19     6K  text/html
 1999-11-19-Island_New> 26-Nov-99 14:34     4K  text/html
 1999-11-19-Island_New> 26-Nov-99 14:30     4K  text/html
 1999-11-19-KWTN-At_Se> 19-Nov-99 12:26     7K  99-11-19-KWTN-At Sea With the City Commission
 1999-11-19-KWTN-Critt> 19-Nov-99 20:13     5K  99-11/19-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 1999-11-19-KWTN-Monro> 19-Nov-99 12:29     1K  99-11-19-KWTN-Monroe High Schools No. 1 In State
 1999-11-19-KWTN-News_> 19-Nov-99 12:38     3K  99-11-19-KWTN-News Briefs
 1999-11-19-KWTN-Start> 19-Nov-99 12:36     5K  99-11-19-KWTN-Start of Buquebus Ferry Service Delayed Again, This Time Indefinitly
 1999-11-19-KWTN-The_C> 19-Nov-99 12:18     8K  99-11-12-KWTN-The Chickens Hatched In Those Secret Bight Meetings Are Now Coming Home To Roost
 1999-11-19-KWTN-The_G> 19-Nov-99 19:58     3K  99-11/19-KWTN-The Garden Club’s Annual Plant Sale/Art Show This Weekend
 1999-11-19-KWTN-TWFAC> 19-Nov-99 19:56     3K  99-11/19-KWTN-TWFAC Opens 20th Season With McNally’s “Master Class” Tuesday
 1999-11-26-KWTN-Arts_> 26-Nov-99 02:46     1K  99-11-26-Arts Council Grants Top $50,000
 1999-11-26-KWTN-Citiz> 26-Nov-99 02:43     2K  99-11-26-Citizen Coalition Will Lay Off TDC Until Petition Results Are In
 1999-11-26-KWTN-Critt> 26-Nov-99 12:52     7K  99-11-26-Critters In Paradise
 1999-11-26-KWTN-Event> 26-Nov-99 12:20     5K  99-11-26-Events
 1999-11-26-KWTN-Forme> 26-Nov-99 02:32     7K  99-11-26-Former Guardian Ad Litem Case Workers Unhappy With State Probe
 1999-11-26-KWTN-Key_W> 26-Nov-99 02:48     2K  99-11-26-Key West Teacher Gets National Certification
 1999-11-26-KWTN-Killi> 26-Nov-99 02:50     2K  99-11-26-Killing Cormorants With Kindness?
 1999-11-26-KWTN-News_> 26-Nov-99 02:52     2K  99-11-26-News Briefs
 1999-11-26-KWTN-Overs> 26-Nov-99 02:35     4K  99-11-26-Overseas Market Developer Gets Work Stopped On Searstown Eatery
 1999-11-26-KWTN-Ten_Y> 26-Nov-99 02:39     6K  99-11-26-Ten Years After Grand Jury Report, It's Still Business As Usual At The TDC
 1999-12-03-KWTN-Event> 03-Dec-99 11:19     3K  99-12-03-KWTN-Events
 1999-12-03-KWTN-Histo> 03-Dec-99 11:16     3K  99-12-03-KWTN-Historic Bronze Ornaments From Maine Memorial Plot To Be Preserved Here
 1999-12-03-KWTN-HOB_S> 03-Dec-99 11:17     2K  99-12-03-KWTN-HOB Students Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Watches From K-Mart
 1999-12-03-KWTN-Holid> 03-Dec-99 11:17     1K  99-12-03-KWTN-Holiday Parade Saturday At 7
 1999-12-03-KWTN-News_> 03-Dec-99 11:17     3K  99-12-03-KWTN-News Briefs
 1999-12-03-KWTN-Tag_C> 03-Dec-99 11:17     2K  99-12-03-KWTN-Tag Check On RV Parked At Higgs Beach Reveals That Vehicle Owned By Jimmy Buffet
 1999-12-03-KWTN-Testi> 03-Dec-99 11:17    10K  99-12-03-KWTN-Testimony In Chapp Case May Reveal Secrets Of the 1997 Get-Peterson Plot
 1999-12-03-KWTN-The_M> 03-Dec-99 11:18     2K  99-12-03-KWTN-The Man Who Loves Fat Ladies
 1999-12-03-KWTN-Tweak> 03-Dec-99 11:18     4K  99-12-03-KWTN-Tweaking Rental Ordinance Won’t Be Quick
 1999-12-10-KWTN-23_Bu> 09-Dec-99 23:53     5K  99-12-10-KWTN-23 Busted So Far In Drug Sweep
 1999-12-10-KWTN-Commu> 09-Dec-99 23:57     5K  99-12-10-KWTN-Communique From the Front: The War On Housing
 1999-12-10-KWTN-Critt> 10-Dec-99 01:24     5K  99-12-10-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 1999-12-10-KWTN-Is_Av> 09-Dec-99 23:49     9K  99-12-10-KWTN-Is Avael Now Building a “Blue Book” of Charges To Oust Chief Dillon?
 1999-12-10-KWTN-News_> 10-Dec-99 00:01     2K  99-12-10-KWTN-News Briefs
 1999-12-10-KWTN-Outba> 10-Dec-99 00:00     2K  99-12-10-KWTN-Outback Steakhouse To Open On Time
 1999-12-17-KWTN-Art_&> 16-Dec-99 23:44     9K  99-12-17-KWTN-Art & Historical Society Honchos Should Come Clean On Pais Assassination
 1999-12-17-KWTN-Critt> 17-Dec-99 01:02     4K  99-12-17-KWTN-Critters In Paradise
 1999-12-17-KWTN-DCA_B> 16-Dec-99 23:37     4K  99-12-17-KWTN-DCA Backs Away From Transient Rental Issue
 1999-12-17-KWTN-Event> 17-Dec-99 00:04     2K  99-12-17-KWTN-Events
 1999-12-17-KWTN-Juror> 16-Dec-99 23:41     3K  99-12-17-KWTN-Juror: “We Would Have Found For Chapp”
 1999-12-17-KWTN-News_> 16-Dec-99 23:46     3K  99-12-17-KWTN-News Briefs
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